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Date a Girl or Guy Who Invests!

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Happy Valentines Day to all! For all lovers and couples, this is the best time to show the love and affection for your partner. Time to go on date and to celebrate love! Love is truly in the air today as restaurants, hotels and scenic spots will be filled with love birds!

Valentines gifts need not be expensive. Try to leave a Valentines note at her office desk. Ask a colleague to do this for you. This should be the first thing in the morning that she will see. It will surely brighten her day. If you have the budget, couple it with flowers or chocolates.

Another Valentines present where you can show your sweet spot is to make a customized video compiling all the most memorable pictures with her. Couple it with a love song on the background as you reminisce each of the moments you’ve shared together! Do this while having a date with her. She will truly appreciate and will love you more.

I recently saw two well-written articles on Valentines Day about dating a girl or guy who invests! For all searchees out there including yours truly, these two articles will truly inspire you! Happy Valentines Day! Spread the love! Make everyday your Valentines Day! :)

Date a Girl Who Invests in the Stock Market

Date a girl who would rather buy shares of stock than the latest gadgets and apparel. When you take her out on dates, she might wear the same clothes over and over again, but learn not to mind it. Because beyond her very limited wardrobe is a well-diversified portfolio of blue-chip companies.

Date a girl who is financially literate because she doesn’t need you to date her. She knows that men are like stocks – there are so many options to choose from. So when she says yes to a date, it means she sees something in you. You’ll never have doubts with a girl who invests in the stock market because she’s already wealthy (or soon to be wealthy). You’re sure she won’t be interested in you for your money. She’ll love you not for what you have, but for who you really are.

Date a girl who understands the time value of money. She understands that the time you’ll spend together is the most important thing in your relationship. She won’t ask for expensive gifts and gestures, because she knows that these things will depreciate in value in the future. She’ll be happy to stay at home with you and watch DVDs, rather than go to the movies. She knows all too well that the value of spending P1,000 a month on “monthsaries” for 20 years is more than P1 Million. She’d rather spend her time with you at home, so she can invest her money on your dream home.

Date a girl who does peso-cost averaging. She’ll stick with you until the end, no matter what happens. She’ll wait for you even if you don’t know where the relationship is going. She’ll be committed to you even if your life goes in a downward direction because she knows that’s the greatest opportunity for your relationship to grow. She’ll stay by your side in good times and in bad, because she believes in who you are and who you can be.

You’ll continually be inspired by a girl who does peso-cost averaging. She’s full of hopes and dreams, even if the past has been cruel to her. When life gives her an obstacle, she’ll never give up. In fact, she’ll be happier; she has learned very early on that challenges are merely opportunities that make us better people. She knows that the bigger the obstacle, the bigger the reward.

Date a girl who trades in the stock market. She’ll be prepared for anything that could happen. Can’t make it on a date? She’ll understand. Want to suddenly go to a party? She’ll be there in 5 minutes. Sudden change of plans will never anger her – that’s because she knows what to do in case things don’t go as planned.

It’s easy to date a girl who trades in the stock market. You’ll be able to argue with her using logic. And even if you win, she won’t get angry. She’ll swallow her pride and accept the loss. That’s because she knows your relationship is far more important.

A girl who invests in the stock market will be the rarest girl you’ll meet here in the country. So when you find her: love her and never let her go. Invest your time understanding her. Invest your money creating beautiful memories with her. Follow this advice, and your life will better forever.

Date a Guy Who Invests

Date a guy who has a passion for investing; a guy with goals, targets and a direction in life. He’s a decision maker, he knows what he wants in life and if he wants you, he wants you for good.

Date a guy who appreciates the value of money. He won’t always have the latest gadgets nor constantly treat you in a fancy restaurant, but he dreams of bigger things for the both of you. He plans to give you your dream home where you and your future family will be more than comfortable. When he sees you having a hard time walking when you’re in your heels or gets frustrated going to a certain place especially during rainy nights, he’ll save and invest for a car for the both of you.

He might not be very good with fashion, but he will be more than happy to take advice from you as long as the price of clothes is within the budget. He knows that the finer things in life need money and he wants to give them to you. He’ll be busy making money grow instead of flirting with other girls.

Date a guy who invests in the long term. He understands the bigger picture of your relationship. He knows that there may be bad times, but in the long run you’ll still be happy together. He will trust and love you and won’t be affected much by jealousy.

Date a guy who observes the current inflation rate. He cares about what’s happening in the market, a concerned citizen, a patriot if you may. If you want to start a business or a new idea, you can talk to him about it. He enjoys mature topics. Oh, he’ll definitely get along well with your parents.

Date a guy who invests in the stock market. He’s exciting and interesting. He enjoys thrills and won’t bore you. At the same time, he’s prepared during a calamity. He’ll be able to cope and think of the next step to do instead of just waiting. He’s flexible because he knows things don’t always go as planned. It may not look like it, but he’s not hard to please. He appreciates the little things and takes joy in them because he knows that they build up to something great.

Don’t be afraid to voice your opinions to him, he values them greatly and takes them into consideration. He’s very understanding and patient which he acquired from his experience in investing. At times that you come late on your dates, he won’t be mad at you. If the both of you were supposed to go out this weekend but you’re suddenly unavailable, he’ll understand, with the right reasons, of course.

A guy who invests is a rare breed. If you see one, capture his heart and see him invest in you and make your love grow more than double. Now that’s a good ROI (Return of Investment)!

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